Austin Jones, 24 years old, was arrested on Monday evening for child pornography, according to E! News. The YouTube celebrity, who has more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube was accused for asking minors to send explicit erotic videos.

The court is going to rule whether Austin Jones will remain in jail or go out on bail. If found guilty, Austin Jones can get up to 15 years in prison. According to court documents, Jones communicated with two minor girls in August of 2016 and in May of 2017 on Facebook. In the criminal complaint it is shown that Jones asked one girl to “prove” that she is “the biggest fan” by sending him sexually explicit videos.

Jones was apprehended by the police at the O’Hare international airport in Chicago he admitted the charges while he was questioned by the police.

Austin’s videos in which he performs songs from artists such as Justin Bieber, Twienty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy raised more than 25 million views on YouTube since Austin Jones created his YouYoube channel back in 2007. In 2014 Austin released the “We’ll Fall Together” EP.



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