Apple has implemented a new feature when buying apps from the Apple App Store, allowing you to pre-order the apps you want to buy. You can pre-order apps that will be released in less than 90 days, thus you can benefit from discounts from developers.

An app we place a pre-order for remains pending and it will be automatically installed on your Apple device as soon as it becomes available in the Apple App Store. In return, app developers who decide to accept pre-orders before releasing apps have the opportunity to promote them ahead of time and they can even offer discounts as incentives.

To not feel fooled if prices change during the pre-order campaign, those who place pre-orders will benefit from the smallest price, that will even substitute the official launch price.

Pre-orders can even be placed for free apps, as it works as an automated installation mechanism once the app is available in the App Store.

The new pre-order feature is available in all App Store versions for iOS, Mac and even tvOS.


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