The Xbox One X gaming console has been officially presented by Microsoft and, according to the company, the One X is the most powerful gaming console available on the market right now. Although Xbox One X doesn’t come with a very beautiful design, the new console has extremely powerful components and this means you can play any 4K games without problems.

Until now the Xbox One X console was known to the public as Project Scorpio, and the official name became a matter of public knowledge yesterday. The Xbox One X will be available at a price of $499 and the release is scheduled to take place on November 7, 2017, right before Black Friday and we’re sure many will wait to get it at discounted prices.

The Xbox One S accessories will also be available with the Xbox One X, and even Xbox 360 games will run on the new console. Microsoft uses a technology called super sampling on the Xbox One X so that the graphics of all games looks excellent even on 1080p resolution.

The Xbox One X packs a video card that provides 6 teraflopsof processing power, more than the PlayStation 4 Pro which reaches 4.2 teraflops. The card works at a peed of 1172 MHz, more than the one of the Xbox One which reaches 853 MHz or the one of the PlayStation 4 Pro, and in the Xbox One  we’re also going to find a Ultra HD Blu-Ray reader as well as a hard drive with a storage capacity of 1 TB.

900p and 1080p games of the Xbox One will run at 4K native resolution on the new Xbox One X and games developed for Xbox One and Xbox 360 will get better performances. Xbox One X has a water based cooling system to cool down the processor and video card and this is a true accomplishment for the smallest gaming console built by Microsoft.

The Xbox One X packs an HDMI port and it doesn’t come with a port for Kinect. Other than that, the design is similar to the design of the Xbox One S. Xbox One X will be capable of running 4K games at 60 frames per second, so we’re talking about an impressive accomplishment for Microsoft in what performances are concerned.

What’s your take on the new Xbox One X gaming console ?


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