The DC Comics superhero has claimed yet another social media record in the United States of America.

After becoming the highest grossing blockbuster in the United States of America, Wonder Woman has set a new record – it became the most popular movie on Twitter in the U.S. according to information revealed by Variety.com, the movie directed by Patty Jenkins got more than 2,19 million tweets and retweets and it managed to surpassed other popular movies such as The Beauty and the Beast and La la Land.

The main character of the movie played by actress Gal Gadot comes in first in a ranking created by Twitter: it became the most discussed character in this first half of the year. Chris Pine comes in third on the list while the second place goes to Batman.

On Gal Galdot’s personal account the most popular comments are related to the marketing and promotion of Wonder Woman, including the two trailers and movie poster.

Praised by movie critics and audience, Wonder Woman made its debut on the first place in the U.S. Box Office. With a budget of $150 million, the movie grossed $250 million world wide and it is not a serious threat for Beauty and the Beast.




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