Like the original blockbuster, the Wonder Woman sequel signed by Warner Bros. will return to the career of Wonder Woman as it was before Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

Still, while the movie is placed in a different time, director Patty Jenkins announces that some things will remain the same.

For starters, the director told Variety magazine that there will be another love interest for Diana ( Gal Gadot ). This love story was described as being “exceptional” by the director, although Patty failed to provide more details about it. Hand in hand with this new love interest there will also be a new cast Patty Jenkins described as being “different from what we’ve seen in the first Wonder Woman movie”.

However we can expect some cast members from the first movie to return, according to the director.

Because Diaa is already Wonder Woman when the sequel will be started, she will be an established presence. Although the formula will remain the same, Patty Jenkins expressed hopes that there will be a very different story to approach something different yet singular.



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