hailey moss autism lawyer in florida

Hailey Moss, 24 years old, became the first person suffering from autism to pass the Florida bar exam to become a lawyer.

At the age of 13 Hailey Moss was already giving speeches about autism and wrote her first book. ” I always was a writer and a talker” Hailey said. ” I wanted to give something back to my community and to do something that matters” she said.

Last year Hailey graduated from the Miami Law University. Right now she is a specialist in international law and medical insurance law.

Hailey Moss says that her life is not at all easy. ” Some things are very difficult for me. I can communicate, I can work” she says. Still, Hailey has problems with socializing and loud noises.

She says that in such cases she feels like she is standing in the electronics isle at the supermarket and all devices are turned on to the maximum volume level, on different channels. ” It is very confusing” she says.

In order to focus better, Hailey Moss writes “different lists”. Hailey has a drivers license but its hard for her to drive because of the decisions she has to make in a very short time.

Her parents noticed something is not alright with Hailey while she was growing up. She was able to solve complicated puzzles, she was able to watch TV but she hardly spoke.

“It is said that it takes a lot of effort to raise a kid. It takes even more to raise a debilitated child” Hailey Moss says.


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