A 36 years old woman from the United Kingdom was sentenced to 8 weeks in jail for listening the “shape of You” song by Ed Sheeran too many times.

Sonia Bryce was arrested after her neighbors called the cops because she was listening a single song too much and too loud.

According to media sources, the woman, who lives in Willenhall, had  troubles with the law in the past for disturbing the peace. In December of last year, her neighbors  called the cops because they couldn’t stand hearing that Ed Sheeran song anymore. The police arrested her and the judge gave her a jail sentence.

“A person needs to learn how to behave like a responsible adult and stop disturbing the peace” the judge explained.

During the trial, Sonia Bryce said in her defense that she doesn’t even like Ed Sheeran so much while her neighbor, the one who called the police, aid that although she used to like Ed Sheeran’s songs, now she can’t stand him.


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