avengers infinity war thanos

The release of Infinity War trailers provides a clear idea about the villain of the Avengers. We are referring to – of course – Thanos.

A force that is apparently invincible, for who Iron Man and others are “a joke”. But, beyond getting the sixth Infinity stones, what does Thanos ( played by Josh Brolin ) actually want?

The first objective of Thanos is to get his hands on the Infinity Stones, very powerful stones that have been around ever since the Universe. Although every stone is an impressive advantage, Thanos needs all six stones in order to reach his goals and this is where the Avengers come into play.

His search for the Infinity Stones brings Thanos back to Earth where he can find two: the Mind stone implanted in Vision’s forehead and the Time Stone ( the green one ) which belongs to Doctor Strange. So, why does Thanos need the stones ? Well, in order to destroy half the Universe.

Gamora, played by actress Zoe Saldana, the adoptive daughter of Thanos, sheds some light on the situation for Tony Stark for doesn’t bring good news: ” The last time I saw him he wanted to destroy half the Universe, and if he gets the Infinity Stones, he’s gonna do it”.

Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige detailed the aspect in a recent interview: ” Thanos comes from the planet Titan, a planet that is not inhabited because of the things he could have prevented but didn’t. His planet and everything on it was destroyed. He promised not to let this happen again. He thinks that what he sees is the destruction of the Universe and this is what he is trying to prevent, by destroying things himself”.



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