donald trump wants to buy greenland
U.S President Donald Trump

The reasons why Donald Trump is interested in buying Greenland, the smallest Danish island, are very pragmatic, according to an analysis created by journalists from CNN. Greenland is very rich in minerals and has a strategic geopolitical role.

Why does Donald Trump want to buy an island that is 80% covered in ice and is inhabited by less than 600,000 people ? Donald Trump has not explained the reasons, but there are a few that are very obvious.

According to specialists, Greenland is very rich in natural resources, iron, diamonds, gold, rare metals, uranium and oil. The resources are covered in ice but because of global warming the ice is melting fast – this summer NASA observed two of the largest ice meltingĀ  in history in Greenland and thisĀ  erosion of the layer of ice will make mining possible in Greenland.

Second, there are many geopolitical reasons. The United States is already present in Greenland with the Thule air base and Wall Street Journal, who revealed Donald Trump’s wish to buy Greenland, notes:

Located 750 miles north from the Polar Circle, it includes a radar station that is part of the United States anti-missile system. The base is also used by the Air Force.

Thirdly, Donald Trump is very much preoccupied with his legacy as President and buying Greenland will be something big in his resume and will consolidate his place in America’s history.

The United States has tried to buy Greenland in the past, according to Danish historian Tage Kaarsted. In 1946, State Secretary James Byrnes of the Harry Truman administration has discussed this with the Denmark’s external affairs ministry in a meeting that took place at the U.N. headquarters in New York but no deal has been made.

Almost 100 years before that, State Secretary William Sward also tried to buy Greenland right after the United States purchased Alaska.


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