iOS 10.3 will arrive very soon for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, 4 beta versions being already launched for users.

We are talking about 4 iOS 10.3 beta versions that are available for iOS app developers but also for users enrolled in the public beta testing system.

Considering iOS 10.3 was launched in so many beta versions, many of those who tested them are now wondering when will Apple release the official version. Well, you don’t have to wait long as it appears that Apple is prepared to officially release iOS 10.3 in March of this year.

Apple is going to host a conference this month to present new devices and this is a good opportunity for the manufacturer to launch the new iOS 10.3 version.

In March of this year Apple is also going to present 3 or 4 new iPad models, a new iPhone SE model and the new iOS 10.3 will come with support for these new devices. Apple usually launches a new iOS version after the launch of new devices so the release of iOS 10.3 will take place before they arrive on the market, precisely by the end of the month.

Until now Apple has not announced when the conference to present new devices will take place, so we can’t tell you exactly the day when the new iOS 10.3 operating system will arrive. However, the release of iOS 10.3 might take place a couple of days after the conference so when we learn when the conference takes place, we can also pinpoint the day when iOS 10.3 arrives.

iOS 10.3 brings some interesting changes, precisely a better file manager system, warnings for apps that will not be compatible with iOS 11, new app animations, the automated update of app icons, a new iCloud menu in the Settings app and many other nifty features.


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