WhatsApp became a free app almost as soon as it was purchased by Facebook because, until then, the app was not free as people had to pay a fee of $1.

Facebook has not managed to find a simple way to monetize the WhatsApp application so starting with the year 2020 the company will start displaying ads inside WhatsApp was a way to make money. The news is confirmed by photos taken at the Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands where future plans for the WhatsApp app have been revealed.

Because WhatsApp is an app used for chat, displaying ads must be done in a way that is not very intrusive and Facebook believes it has found a simple and elegant solution. WhatsApp Status, the alternative to the famous “Stories” will be a space within the app that will be used to display ads. This method is similar to what we can see on Facebook and Instagram and users who interact a lot with the WhatsApp app won’t see them at all.

WhatsApp Business users will get new options to format messages, similar to what can be found in a text processing application. Also, companies will be able to integrate their product catalogue directly in WhatsApp, just like they can do right now on Facebook, with the possibility of clicking a link to the product page in order to buy it.

Considering that ads won’t start displaying on WhatsApp only in 2020, users will have time to find ad free alternatives in case they decide they no longer want to use WhatsApp but surely most users will get past this inconvenience as they managed to get past Instagram Ads, Instastories and Facebook Messenger.


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