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Brian Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp, gave a lecture in front of Stanford college students urging them to delete their Facebook accounts.

Brian Acton talked about the difficulties of big tech companies such as Facebook, Apple or Google when it comes to moderate content.

These companies are not properly equipped to make decisions. And we give them the power they have. That’s the bad thing. We buy their products, we register on their websites. Delete Facebook, right ?” Brian Acton said.

Brian Acton and his partners sold WhatsApp to Facebook in 2014 for $14 billion and he left the company for good two years ago, in 2017. The lecture he gave at Stanford was a good opportunity for Acton to motivate his decision.

We had 50 employees and we had to think about them and the money they would get after the sale” Brian Acton said.

This is not the first time when Brian Acton targets Facebook through his statements. Last year he also urged people to delete their Facebook account after the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke out.

Brian Acton left the company after he found out Facebook’s plans to add ads to WhatsApp and he was against this monetizing strategy.

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