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After Lady GaGa and her fiancee, Christian Carino, broke up, fans have stated to speculate that Lady GaGa is now seeing actor Jeremy Renner.

Lady GaGa and Jeremy Renner have been friends for many years now but fans cannot help but speculate that they are more than friends. ” She’s friends with Jeremy Renner for a long time. They go out, they see each other often. Lately they spent a lot of time together but it’s nothing romantic” a source told E! News.

Rumors that Lady GaGa and Jeremy Renner are more than just friends come one month after the singer broke up with her fiancee, Christian Carino. The reason why the engagement was called off is still unknown but a source close to Lady GaGa says that the relationship simply did not work.

Lady GaGa confirmed the engagement to Christian Carino in October of last year. The singer was previously engaged to actor Taylor Kinney ( Zero Dark Thirty,  The Other Woman, The Vampire Diaries, Chicago Fire ) but the relationship ended in July of 2016.

Jeremy Renner ( Avengers, 28 Weeks Later, Monkey Love ) got separated from his wife, Sonni Pacheco, in December of 2014 after being married for just ten months. The couple are the parents of a daughter, Ava Berlin Renner.




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