The White House made assurances that all of Donald Trump’s tweets will be kept in the National Archives.

This will also cover the tweets written by Donald Trump with typos but also the ones The Donald deletes from his account. The director of the National Archive, David S. Ferriero, informed the two Democrat senators that Donald Trump’s tweets are kept for posterity so future generations can study them but also how Trump uses Twitter to govern.

The White House agreed only after Ferriero contacted the Presidential Administration and reminded them of the Presidential Records Act, an act that has to preserve every message sent by the President through public channels.

This includes the tweets made by Donald Trump on the @realDonaldTrump Twitter account but also tweets made on the @POTUS account, the official Twitter account of the United States president. Most of the times, Donald Trump or his staff have the task of analyzing once again the tweets because they contain errors every now and then. One of the most notable mistake happened three minutes before Donald Trump was sworn in when he misspelled the “honored” word but that tweet was later deleted.

The letter Ferriero sent to senators Claire McCaskill and Tom Harper had the purpose of assuring the two Democrats that the White House has no way of not being transparent. Most recently another concern was solved after Donald Trump started using an iPhone ( most likely secured ) instead of the unsecured Android device he previously owned.


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