The British monarchy is known for following tradition and protocol and Queen Elizabeth makes no exception. Even so, year after year, Queen Elizabeth breaks tradition during the Christmas lunch.

This year it was written that Queen Elizabeth agreed to break tradition and protocol and to allow Meghan Markle to spend Christmas with the Royal Family but it seems that year after year the Queen breaks tradition some other way too.

Queen Elizabeth is a person who likes routine. For example, she travels only one day a week and she eats the same thing for breakfast every day. But her Majesty also has a Christmas fever and it seems she breaks tradition every year.

The Christmas Day is a very busy day at the Sandringham house, where the royal family and staff celebrate Christmas. But rules are set aside during Christmas lunch when the Queen stops everything in order to give a gift to a member of the staff.

Also, at lunch, after the meat has been cut, the Chef of the Royal Family spends a few minutes with Queen Elizabeth in the dining room, a place exclusively reserved for the Royal Family.


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