samsung galaxy s10 plus

Even if the newest top smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S10+ has a price tag of $1000 for the basic version, the production cost of the smartphone is much lower.

TechInsights has created an estimate of how much it costs to build the phone based on the price of each component, and the result is not at all surprising. The components of the Galaxy S10+ are worth less than a half of the sale price.

Overall, Samsung spends approximately $420 to build every Galaxy S10+ smartphone. This is the final cost of all components, without considering costs for transportation, marketing, Research and Development, which are surely included in the final price of the phone.

The most expensive component of the Galaxy S10+ is the Infinity-O display based on a premium OLED panel that costs $86,5. The second most expensive component of the Galaxy S10+ is the processor and modem at a price of $70,5, while the third most expensive component is the two camera systems. All 5 cameras ( 3 in the back, two in the front ) have a price tag of $56.5 while the RAM and ROM memories have a price of $50.5.


Cheaper components are the radio antennas at $31.5, the case, $29, other electric components at a price of $29,5 and the testing and assembly cost which is $34.5. The cheapest components are the sensors ( $14 ), battery ( $10.5 ) and the audio components ( $7 ).



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