Researches from the Max-Planck Institute and Wigner Research Center published a new video of the most powerful nuclear fusion reactor in the world.

The team of researchers that includes scientists from Germany and the United States designed the Wendelstein 7-X in order to get unlimited energy by simulating the conditions found inside the sun.

The project started in Germany two years ago but experiments were halted for 15 months.

Now the work has been resumed and Wendelstein 7-X was improved and it is capable of producing longer pulsations and bigger heat.

Researchers are trying to get unlimited energy by simulating what happens inside the sun. In the video you can notice powerful flashes caused by heated plasma inside the reactor.

This experiment is backed by the world’s support of producing nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion takes place when atoms meet at high temperatures and release huge amounts of energy.

If the scientists manage to do what they are set to do, this means that we’re no longer going to use fossil fuels and traditional nuclear reactors.


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