arnold Schwarzenegger and katherine Schwarzenegger

More than two weeks ago, Katherine Schwarzenegger announced her engagement to actor Chris Pratt after dating for seven months. Chris Pratt had great emotions when asking Arnold “The Terminator” Schwarzenegger his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Although Katherine Schwarzenegger  and Chris Pratt have not been dating for long, Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his blessing to Chris.

“They are very happy, so I am happy. Chris is a fantastic guy” Arnold said.

Katherine Schwarzenegger, 29 years old, is the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger  and writer Maria Shriver. Katherine and Chris Pratt met in June of 2018 and, one month later, they confirmed they are dating.

Chris Pratt was previous married to actress Anna Faris and the former couple are the parents of a boy. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris got divorced in 2017, after being married for 8 years.

arnold Schwarzenegger and katherine Schwarzenegger


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