People have always been fascinated with death and that is maybe because we never fully managed to understand it.

Everybody wondered, at least once, what’s happening when you die. The answer is that we will never fully know because this information is really, really hard to get. Even so, science comes in to provide a few suggestions about what’s happening when you die and these are both terrifying but also interesting.

You’re not hungry anymore before dying

Often, when death is close, people lose their appetite and they don’t even feel hunger. In that moment the energy of the body is diverted to other tasks, which are vital, such as heart beats and respiration. Digestion stops being a priority because the body fights against death.

The body and brain are in “power saving mode”

The body focuses on vitals, such as heart beat and respiration and it goes into “power saving mode” just like a battery. The brain – being responsible for the good functioning of every other system – becomes less active in the last moments before death. It focuses on chemical reactions that may keep the body alive for longer.

You lose consciousness

When people are close to dying, the connections between neurons break so people become consciousness. But before this happens, people go into a “dreaming” mode. People who went through near death experiences said that they had dreams and visions when they were still conscious but also after losing their conscience.

You might see your life flashing before your eyes

Visions or dreams can come in many forms. People who were close to death and came back said that they either saw a light at the end of a tunnel or they have seen their life in fast forward.

You might experience an out of body phenomenon

The dreamy state can also bring something else other than lights at the end of a tunnel and flashbacks. Shortly before dying, some people may have out of body experiences. This involves the feeling that you’re exiting the body and look at it from the exterior.

The brain wakes up for the last time

Some studies suggest that before death, the brain has a last glimpse of activity. Mice research show that they have a high level of conscience a few moments before dying. In truth, mice are not exactly like human beings but the discovery represents a starting point for death researchers.

You feel at peace

People who had near death experiences said that they felt relaxed at at peace. And this makes sense because when death is close you have overcame fear and other unpleasant feelings.


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