westworld season 2

After Game of  Thrones, Westworld season 2 might become the most expensive season in HBO’s portfolio and the new trailer comes to confirm this.

Earlier this week HBO has published a teaser for the new trailer created to promote the season 2 of Westworld. Happily, HBO kept its promise and the trailer is spectacular. It provides more details about the fantastic universe the story will take place in. Previous teaser trailers managed to get our juices flowing just a bit but now we have a better understanding of things.

The trailer is approximately two minutes and 40 seconds long and it managed to get 2.5 million views in the first 24 hours since it was uploaded to YouTube. This is clear evidence that fans are anxiously awaiting to see the new adventures of their favorite characters.

Those who’ve seen Westworld have surely noticed remixed popular songs on the soundtrack. The new trailer continues the trend and the entire trailer runs in front of our eyes while we hear Heart-Shaped Box from Nirvana. For a few moments we’re reminded of what happened at the end of the first season. After which we get glimpses of what’s gonna happen next.

The end of the trailer is terrifying. We see Dolores asking Bernard ” Why on earth would you ever be frightened of me ?”. Remains to be seen why Dolores asked that question in the season 2 of Westworld.

The first episode of the new Westworld season will air in just a little while, on April 22, 2018.

Westworld Season 2 | Official Trailer | HBO


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