wesley snipes as blade
Actor Wesley Snipes as Blade

If Marvel Universe fans were delight to hear that Mahershala Ali will star as Blade in a new movie, Wesley Snipes fans ( the actor who used to play Blade ) also have reasons to be happy as Wesley Snipes is also in contention over at Marvel.

According to Marvel sources, the studio is thinking about introducing Wesley Snipes in the new Blade reboot and Snipes might get to play the role of Dracula, the main villain of the movie.

This seems to be the right way to honor the former Blade but at this time this is nothing more than just a rumor. The information we have so far appear to suggest that Wesley Snipes’ role will be more than just a cameo because the new Blade movie will be inspired by The Tomb of Dracula, one of the horror Marvel comic books in which Blade also made his appearance for the first time as a secondary character back in 1970.

We are, without a doubt, going to find out more about the plot of the Blade reboot, actors and director in the next following months. The Blade reboot is not part of the forth phase of the productions included in the Marvel Universe. The release of the new Blade movie will apparently take place after the year 2021.


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