For a long time now scientists have been searching for proof that there is life out there, in the universe. But this is a very hard thing to discover.

Mars has always been considered a home for alien life, although scientists have found little or none proof that life exists or existed there. Now researchers think that some forms of life might exist on Mars after they discovered bizarre bacteria in the Atacama desert soil in Chile.

The Atacama desert is considered very similar to Mars from some points of view: it’s a place so hot that centuries might pass by without being touched by rain. It is the most similar place to Mars we have on our planet.


The Zoe rover managed to dig some very weird bacteria from the Atacama desert. ” We showed that a robotic rover can recover soil beneath the surface in the place that is very similar to the Mars desert” biologist Stephen Pointing from the Yale-NUS College said.

“This is important because most scientists agreed that any life forms on Mars should be beneath the surface in order to escape the harsh conditions above where high radiation, low temperature and lack of water makes life impossible” the biologist added.

Scientists discovered living bacteria in the Atacama desert in 2018. If in such a harsh place as the Atacama desert life forms can be found, then scientists are hoping to make this discovery on Mars as well.

“It is very exciting because it proves that beneath the surface of the Atacama desert we can see specialized microbes that can live in the salted soils on Mars, and recent methane readings on the surface of Mars suggests that methane bacteria might still live there” the biologist added.


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