The Waze navigation app from Google is extremely useful and appreciated by users who do not want to spend more than they have to in traffic, but the App can also help users avoid police presence on the road.

This is the opinion of the NYPD ( New York Police Department ) and the department has made this concern known through a letter sent to Google demanding that the feature that allows users to mark police presence be removed.

NYPD has a problem with drivers that are driving under the influence. They can see on the Waze app where police presence is reported by other users and they can go around them, thus being able to drive drunk and endangering the lives of other people.

There are small chances for Google to do something about this at this time, but these Waze features might be limited if enough authorities are starting to put pressure on Google. The Waze reporting features are slowly starting to be integrated in Google Maps, which will offer a way out for the company in case authorities are specifically targeting Waze and not all GPS navigation apps.


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