Although death is something we all fear and it has deep roots in our psyche, virtual reality shows you that seeing what death is like may be useful.

Immerse Enterprise Brisbane has a brilliant review on all this, it goes like, “When we die” is a virtual reality experience that allows you to experiment one of the things we dread: the end of life The first part, which showcases a metaphoric tree, presents time passing and the fragility of human life The second chapter targets a broader perception on death which is perceived as a tragedy starting from day to day experiences.

In this second chapter, two persons ( a neurologist and a hospital worker ) present their visions about how death is experimented. If one talks about how death is normally felt by every one, the other person has a wider perspective and it talks about death in connections to the physical side.

Paula Ceballos, one of the initiators of this project, claims that the platform’s main purpose is to make people aware what death means but also to create a space where people can have difficult conversions. ” We think that in the western culture death but also aging are subjects that are discussed behind closed doors and we wanted to bring them forward” she says.

The fear of dying or the fear of losing a loved one is a fear that has deep roots in our psyche. And neglecting the idea o death may effect the way you live this experience. Virtual reality can represent a way that can help us deal and heal of this fear.

Virtual reality brings images that are hard to believe, images that can show you – at some extent – what death feels like. Using this technology, the creators of the project designed a system that transforms ideas in visual experiences users can live.

The virtual reality trick is that it uses a lot of visual and the impact the images you see can have on you. Access to these experiences is not just useful for the patient but also for medical personnel as they can put themselves in the patient’s shoes and better understand what the patient is going through.


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