Apple was known as an innovative company but in the last few years the company prefers to stay a bit behind until some technologies become more mature. For example, Apple adopted the OLED display less than two years ago and we don’t expect foldable Apple iPhone smartphones soon as they may be possible in a few years. Still, this is no obstacle from dreaming about how a foldable iPhone might look like, and a talented designer has just released a very interesting concept based on Apple’s design philosophy.

The iPhone X Fold will probably never make it on the market under this name or this design, but it provides a very interesting imagination exercises about how a foldable iPhone smartphone might look like.

Antonio De Rosa, the creator of these 3D images inspired himself from the design of the current iPhone but also from design concepts created for the iPhone 11 and he created a hybrid between the Samsung Galaxy Fold and iPhone XS Max.

The device in the image represents rather a list of things the designer expects to see from Apple. He sketched a few tech specs that foldable iPhone might come with, and they are realistic considering the foldable screens technology Huawei and Samsung has presented recently.

In the front the iPhone Fold might pack a notch display with a 6.6 inches size and QHD+ resolution ( 2.960 x 1.440 pixels ) with a display / body ratio of 93.6%. On the inside the iPhone Fold might integrate a foldable 8.3 inches display with a resolution of 2.880 x 2.960 pixels. Both panels would be AMOLED screens built by Samsung. The inside screen might also be perforated in order to house two cameras, one with a 10 MP sensor for photos and one with a 8 MP sensor to calculate the distance.


For the rear camera, designer De Santa says that he would prefer a camera system based on three sensors in a format similar to what we’ve seen on the Galaxy S10 from samsung. We’re talking about a wide 12 MP sensor, a 12 MP ultra-wide sensor and a 3x zoom 16 MP sensor.

Considering that the Samsung Galaxy Fold has a price tag of $2000 and Huawei Mate X will be available at a price in the area of $2300, such a smartphone from Apple will surely be more expensive. Most likely the market is not ready for the $3000 or more iPhone Fold.


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