VIDEO: Harvey Weinstein attacked in Arizona restaurant

* PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE * ** NO USA TV AND NO USA WEB ** Harvey Weinstein was on the receiving end of 2 backhanded slaps to the face ... that's what the newly-obtained video shows. TMZ broke the story ... Weinstein was dining Tuesday night at Elements rstaurant in Scottsdale when a guy named Steve approached him and asked for a photo. Steve tells TMZ Weinstein was belligerent and said no, while a restaurant manager says Weinstein was "sweet" and politely declined. The video was shot as Steve and Weinstein were both leaving the restaurant. Although the restaurant manager says Steve's hands never landed on Weinstein's face, you clearly see and hear Steve make contact twice, as he calls Weinstein "a piece of s***." As we reported, Weinstein declined to call police and left the restaurant. 10 Jan 2018 Pictured: Harvey Weinstein. Photo credit: TMZ/MEGA +1 888 505 6342 January 10, 2018 *** Local Caption *** MEGA143545_003

Producer Harvey Weinstein, accused of dozens of women of sexual assault and harassment, was attacked by a man in a restaurant in Arizona. The man told Harvey that he is a piece of shit for what he did to women.

Harvey Weinstein was in a restaurant in Arizona, a restaurant near the rehabilitation center he is currently checked in at. He was accompanied by his sponsor when a man approached him when he was getting ready to leave.

The man told Harvey Weinstein to leave the restaurant but also that he is a piece of shit for what he did to women. The incident was recorded. Harvey Weinstein did not called the police and left the restaurant.

More than 100 women accused Harvey Weinstein of harassment and sexual assault. The “Weinstein” scandal was a shock throughout the world and generated the #MeeToo campaign. Later, many other celebrities were accused of aggression and sexual harassment.


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