tornado in alabama

At least 14 people lost their lives and many others were wounded on Sunday following a tornado that struck the south eastern Alabama, part of a severe storms system that has destroyed houses, pulled trees from their roots and unchained other tornadoes in the south eastern area.

Many emergency teams hurried to join the search and rescue efforts in Lee County, Alabama, after weather specialists announced that it was a big tornado that touched ground on Sunday afternoon, which was part of storms that affected the states of Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.

“So far we have 14 confirmed deaths” Jay Jones said, the Sheriff of Lee County, Alabama.

Many people are missing while others have been hospitalized. Some of them suffered from serious wounds.

The tornado caused catastrophic damages o radius of 400 meters of its trajectory.

Although the sheriff of Lee County mentioned just a single tornado, media sources report that multiple tornado hit the Lee county at the same time.

The sheriff told the media that there are even children who were killed, some people are still missing and the search and rescue operation continues.

Radars and video footage showed what appeared to be a big tornado crossing the area nearby Beauregard after 14:00 hours, Meredith Wyatt said, a weather specialist in Birmingham, Alabama. Beauregard is a town situated 95 kms east of Montgomery, the capital of the state of Alabama.


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