valey of gods

During The Game Awards 2017, Camp Stanto independent studio, responsible for the Firewatch game, announced its future game – The Valley of Gods first person adventure.

The story of The Valley of Gods was supposed to take place in Egypt in the 20’s where gamers would have had the opportunity of playing as a disgraced explorer and movie creator who, along with an old friend, embarked on a mission to Egypt to try to restore her glory.

After the announcement of the game was made, Campo Santo was purchased by Valve and Valve promised that the 12 members of the studio will continue to work on the development of The Valley of the Gods game, under Valve’s direction.

Later thereafter, the Twitter biographies of some of the Campo Santo members – such as the cofounder Jake Rodkin, 3D artist Jane Ng or the art director Claire Hummel – have removed the references of The Valley of The Gods, and the trailer of the game has been removed from the Campo Santo YouTube channel.

Eventually, Jake Rodkin confirmed that The Valley of Gods is no longer a priority for Valve and the development of the game has been stopped and the members of the Campo Santo team were reassigned in order to help with other Valve projects such as the recently announced Half Life: Alyx, Dota Underlords or even the Steam platform.

Jake Rodkin also added that if Valve makes the decision of restarting development of The Valley of Gods game, Valve will choose the best method to communicate this. So, until further notice, former Campo Santo members have other priorities over at Valve.


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