uss juneau found

During World War II, the Sullivan brothers have become the symbol of patriotic sacrifice in the United States of America.

The five Sullivan brothers, George, Frank, Joe, Matt an Al died aboard the U.S.S. Juneau after the ship has been hit by a  Japanese torpedo on November 13, 1942. According to National Geographic, the Sullivan brothers were aboard the USS Juneau during the Guadalcanal battle, a powerful confrontation of the Allied forces against Japan.

After the USS Juneau was hit by the torpedo, the ship sank and 687 people including the Sullivan brothers have died. Only 10 people were saved the next day. U.S. war posters included a photo of the Sullivan brothers. Two years later a movie was also made about the life of the Sullivan brothers called The Sullivan’s.

Now, the wreckage of the ship have has been discovered. USS Juneau was discovered nearby Solomon island by Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder, with the help of the Research Vessel Petrel ( RV Petrel ).

Underwater footage shows the huge wreckage of the ship and specialists say that the ship might provide important details regarding the death of the crew and the five Sullivan brothers.

Previously, Paul Allen manage to find the wreckage of other important ships in history such as USS Ward, USS Indianapolis and USS Lexington.


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