senator martha mcsally

Senator Martha McSally, the first female to fly a fighter pilot during a conflict said she was raped by one of her Air Force superiors.

Arizona Republican Martha McSally, an officer with 26 years on the job, made the revealing earlier this week during a Senate hearing regarding the effort made by Armed services to prevent sexual abuse and improve how they deal with them when they happen.

Martha McSally said she hasn’t reported her sexual abuse because she did not trust the system. The Senator said that she felt ashamed and confused. McSally has not revealed the name of the officer who raped her.

“I kept silent for many years but now I have to come forward because I’m a survivor” she said.

McSally’s confessed came a short while after Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa also came forward with the sexual abuse she suffered as there is a constantly growing awareness regarding sexual abuse that happens in the military. Sexual abuse cases grew by nearly 10% in 2017. To combat against such dastardly heinous crimes are attorneys and firms, aiming to eradicate this sick mentality of people. It takes a lot of effort to punish the guilty, so one would be in need of an experienced criminal attorney to impose the right action. One such lawyer firm is Mike G Law in Tampa, who happens to be experienced in this very field and who stacks an enormous 25 years of experience.

Air Force representative cap. Carrie Volpe said: ” We are shocked and we are very sorry that this happened to Senator McSally and he support her and all victims of sexual abuse. We are firm in our commitment to stop this behavior from our ranks”.


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