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Jordan Peele’s horror movie “Us” surpassed predictions in the box office by nearly $30 million, in the United States.

The “Us” horror movie came in first this weekend at the U.S. box office grossing $71,1 million, according to The movie, which marks a new success for Jordan Peele ( the Get Out movie has been quite a hit last year ) surpassed box office predictions by nearly $30 million.

Us is now officially the third best horror movie release in history after It ( $123,4 million ) and Halloween ( $76,2 million ). It is also the second highest grossing movie of the year, behind Captain Marvel.

Many have positively talked about the new “Us” horror movie by Jordan Peele ever since it was viewed at the South by Southwest festival. The “Us” movie has a score of 94% in website gives it a score of 81 points.

After “Get Out”, “Us” ensures Jordan Peele a top spot among Hollywood directors – a name that manages to captivate the audience and bring large crowds in movie theaters but also to prove that movies with mostly African American cast can make it big at the box office.

In 2017, Get Out grossed $33,3 million in the first weekend, which is impressive considering that the budget was $4.5 million. The movie grossed $255,4 million world wide.


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