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The Government of the United Kingdom is accused of covering up war crimes committed by British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to BBC News, quoting many detectives who investigated the allegations.

An investigation conducted by BBC and Sunday Times journalists quotes 11 British detectives who said that they discovered credible evidence of war crimes. According to them, many soldiers should be indicted for killing civilians.

On the other hand, the Defense Department of the United Kingdom Government denies the charges as unfounded as they are saying the London Government has not covered up anything.

The evidence has been brought forward by the Iraq Historic Allegations Team ( IHAT ), a unit created by the United Kingdom Government to investigate accusations of war crimes and abuse against British troops during the Iraq occupations and during the Northmoor operation who’s objective was to investigate alleged war crimes in Afghanistan.

The United Kingdom Government decided to close the IHAT and Northmoor operation investigations after Phil Shiner, a lawyer who played a key role in discovering more than 1000 cases by the Iraq Historic Allegations Team, was fired because of accusations that he paid intermediaries to find clients in Iraq.

Former detectives who worked for IHAT said that Phil Shiner’s accusations were used as an excuse to shutdown the investigations. No official charges has been brought against a member of the British armed forces as of yet although many cases were investigated.

A detective that worked for the former IHAT unit told BBC Panorama that: the Defense Department had no intention of charging a soldier, regardless of the rank, only if it was absolutely necessary”.


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