Uma Thurman made a huge wardrobe malfunction when she appeared on the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris with her daughter. Uma wore just a pair o black tights however they were very transparent and everybody saw Uma’s underwear.

Uma Thurman manages to impress almost everybody when she makes red carpet appearance but not the same can be said about Uma in her free time.  The actress landed in Paris along with her daughter, Luna, and she put on quite a show.

Uma Thurman was welcomed by many photographers and her tights became fully transparent under the flash lights.

Uma Thurman was not aware of this as she even smiled to the photographers.

Uma Thurman went through a hard time lately after she fought in court against her former fiance for the custody of their daughter, Luna. The legal battle has finally ended last month when Uma won  sole custody of her daughter.

The custody lawsuit was not without harsh accusations. Uma’s former fiance accused her of suffering from mental conditions and that she mixes depression and insomnia medicine with alcohol.

Uma Thurman denied all charges and she said, in court, that she’s not suffering from any metal condition. She does however have ADHD, a condition that does not affect her ability to function.


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