Pope Francis
Pope Francis

According to an open latter written by ultraconservative Catholics, Pope Francis is a heretic that must be obligated to renounce his practices and, if this doesn’t happen, he must be removed from the head of the Catholic Church.

Dozens members of the Catholic clergy – however no cardinals – signed a 20 pages open letter dated April 30, 2019, in which they are asking for Pope Francis to be removed from the Vatican. A petition regarding the resignation of the Pope was posted on the Change.org website and was signed by almost 3500 people.

The main points of the letter is to accuse Pope Francis of the heresy and to ask the Bishops of the Catholic Church to take the necessary steps to remove Pope Francis from office.

Since he was elected in 2013, Pope Francis displeased ultraconservative catholics through his unorthodox style, breaching protocol and support for gays, divorced people and other categories of people excluded by the catholic tradition.

Pope Francis caused a lot of controversy especially through the suggestion he launched back in 2016 that divorced people might receive the Communion in special circumstances.

In the open letter, Pope Francis is also accused of protecting the gays and sexual predators inside the clergy and the Pope is also accused of being open towards Communist China, protestants, Muslims and his friendship with Emma Bonino, Italian politician who supports abortion and euthanasia.

This is not the first time when Pope Francis deals with attacks from ultraconservative Catholics. This happened in the past and the Pope chose to ignore them as he is expected to do so now.


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