Taiwan government to decide to keep or ban Uber

Uber, the most popular transportation platform, released an app to remove officials who have an illegitimate version of the app.

Uber’s programmers have stated to create a protection system against outside interference. The app, called Grayball, finds out credit card information, habits, location information, social networking profiles and even burner phone numbers with the purpose of identifying and remove undercover agents that mess with Uber’s business, but also potential rivals.

Based on data collected and received from users regarding the office location of problematic authorities, the technology managed to identify undercover agents that were targeting the Uber service in cities where it was considered illegal.

Once a user is tagged as undesired, the app redirects it to a fake app version where vehicle images are not real and the person is unable to book a car. Basically, this app misleads illegitimate users until they give up on trying to cheat the Uber system.

“The app rejects requests from fraudulent users that violate our terms of service, users who plot with authorities to entrap Uber drivers” Uber says.

Despite many controversies, Uber remains a private service, a very good option for those who want to travel comfortably in crowded cities.

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