In case you’re wondering what the U2 band is up to these days, you should know that the band is dealing with a plagiarism lawsuit. A British songwriter accuses U2 of plagiarizing one of his songs and asks for $5 million in damages.

The lawsuit has been filed with the Manhattan Federal Court. Singer and songwriter Paul Rose claims that U2 has stolen important elements from the song “Nae Slappin” and used them, without permission, in the “The Fly” song, released back in 1991, the main single included in the “Achthung Baby” album, an album that reached the number one position in British music charts.

Paul Rose says that U2 listened to his dem tape after signing with Island Records in 1989, the same year when Rose also contacted the managers of the label in order to get a contract deal.

Paul Rose wants to be credited as one of the songwriters of the “The Fly” song and asks for $5 million in damages.

So far the U2 band has made no official comments regarding the plagiarism lawsuit.

U2 won 22 Grammy awards, more than any other band in the world – and was included i the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005.

Regardless if U2 is guilty of plagiarism or not, we have to wonder why Paul Rose waited more than 25 years to sue U2 since the song was released in 1991.


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