After Google and Facebook rallied against virtual coins, now Twitter also joins the battlefield and will ban ads for virtual coins and ICO ( initial coins offerings ).

Moreover, the embargo that will make its effects known in two weeks might also target some virtual coins exchanges, but with some exceptions.

Back in January of this year Facebook announced that the social network will ban ads for Bitcoin and other virtual coins, in an effect to counteract deceiving marketing practices. This measure was also taken by Google, and such ads will be removed from the AdWords program starting with June of this year.

In the meantime, the quotes of the main virtual coins seem to feel the effects of this news as the Bitcoin price has dropped in just two weeks from $11700 to a little over $8000.

Ethereum has also dropped quite a lot, from $1250 in January to $454 right now. At the time there are no coming back perspectives as the fact that without too many advertising possibilities and the negative imaged caused by the unpredictability of transaction value causes investors to think twice before buying in.



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