turn up charlie

After the small screen success of Luther, Idris Elba changes tunes with the agreeable Turn Up Charlie, a Netflix TV show with episodes of 30 minutes.

Besides being the co-creator and executive producer, Idris Elba plays the leading role, a DJ with a declining career after, decades ago, he had a highly appreciated hit.

As Charlie accepts to be the babysitter of the extremely smart daughter of his best childhood friend, who became a famous actor, the TV show has a lot of opportunities to showcase the traps of fame.

Maybe Turn Up Charlie is not exactly a spring title, but Idris Elba ( American Gangster, Takers,  Prom Night, Thor: Ragnarok ) does a wonderful job offering a protagonist who knows what it means to lose everything and learn his lesson. The comedy side of the show is being taken care of by Gabrielle ( Frankie Hervey ) who always puts Charlie in difficult situations. The picture is completed by the girl’s mother Sara ( played by Piper Perabo – Cheaper by the Dozen 2 ) and David ( JJ Feild ) a Hollywood star who has some surprises when he wants to make it big in London.

The Turn Up Charlie TV series has an approach like it’s hard to be famous but it’s harder to be poor and packs many surprises that make you wanna stay with Charlie and his adventures. Something is missing to the story, but many viewers will be able to appreciate the relationship between Charlie and Gabrielle, a relationship that packs a lesson that might make parents think: no matter how smart she is, she suffers from the lack of attention of her parents.

The Turn Up Charlie TV series also has some efficient supporting cast. Maybe one of the best is Charlie’s aunt, Lydia ( played by Jocelyn Jee Esien ) who constantly has something to say about Charlie’s choices or Gabrielle’s attitude.

The problem of the show is that viewers might not be able to identify themselves with the leading cast. Almost all protagonists have bizarre morals not to want to have them around in real life, which would be one of the main requirements for the audience to like them. And the script focuses on shallow Sara and David, Gabrielle’s parents.

We might say that Turn Up Charlie is a series for hardcore Idris Elba fans. People who like British humor a lot might even focus on After Life, the new Ricky Gervais show, which is also available on Netflix.


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