Two people lost their lives on Sunday and other three are in critical condition after a helicopter crashed into the East River, New York. The cause of the crash is still unknown, according to official sources.

The Eurocopter AS350 has started to have a series of problems and crashed around 19:00 local hours, according to the FAA.

The helicopter crashed and went down in the East River, nearby Roosevelt island, according to images that were posted on social networks. In a press conference near the accident site, the boss of the FDNY, Daniel Nigro, said that the pilot was the only one who managed to save himself after the crash.

Diving teams were dispatched searching for other survivors.

Three people were saved in critical condition and taken to the hospital, but other two people lost their lives. Authorizes have not yet revealed the identity of the victims. Nigro, who was being accompanied by James O’Neill, the Chief of the NYPD, were not able to pinpoint the cause of the crash and they said that federal authorities are investigating the incident.

The search and rescue teams had to deal with some difficulties such as the low water temperature and the fact that the helicopter dived deep into the water.

The flight was operated by a company specialized in photo tours around New York.

The FAA announced that the investigation into this case will be made by the National Transportation Safety Board.



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