total war three kingdoms

Creative Assembly studio and SEGA have announced another delay for the Total War: Three Kingdoms strategy tame. Initially scheduled to be released in the fall of last year, Total War: Three Kingdoms was already delayed until the first half of this year, with a release scheduled to happen on March 7, 2019.

However it appears that the developer needs more time to finish the game so Total War: Three Kingdoms has been delayed until May 23, 2019.

Ben Bartholomew, the studio brand director of Creative Assembly, admitted that the team of developers is very lucky for being able to delay the game. The additional time will be used to improve the gaming experience, to rise up to the level fans expect.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will be the first game of the series that will focus on China’s history, the story taking place in the year 190, a time of crisis in which the Han dynasty was collapsing in front of the emperor, just a child influenced by Doug Zhuo. Three warriors form an alliance against this threat.  Although the fate of the country rests upon this alliance, personal ambitions may risk destroying it.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is now due to arrive for PC on May 23, 2019.


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