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Rachel Morrison, Mudbound image director, was the first woman in the history of the OScar Awards to be nominated for best image and Greta Gerwig, the director of Lady Bird, had chances of becoming the second woman in the history of the Oscar awards to get an award for best director.

“The key theme of the Oscars this year was the emancipation of women” Tom O’Neill said, the founder of ” A movie told from a woman’s perspective hasn’t won the Oscar since Million Dollar Baby. This year four of the nine nominated movies are from a womna’s perspective. Which is remarkable”. However only six women went home with the Oscar award this year while 33 men won the award. And this is also visible when comparing how much actors and actresses make, even when looking at A list celebs.

According to Forbes, between June 1 2016 and June 1 2017,, the best paid 10 actresses in the world received $172,5 million. The best paid 10 actors in the world managed to get double: $488,5 million.

The best paid male actor is Mark Wahlberg, who managed to earn $68 million last year. When looking at actresses, Emma Stone earned less than half, $26 million.

“Compared to men, in most trades, women make 80% of the men’s salary” Natalie Portman said. ” In Hollywood we make 30 cents on the dollar” she added.

Although some defenders of the system show that this disparity can be connected to the fact that characters in blockbusters and superhero movies are men, in reality even in romantic comedies female actresses earn less than male actors. Natalie Portman said she was paid a third of Ashton Kutcher’s salary for “No Strings Attached”.

“We get a lot of money, i’m not complaining, but the difference is huge” Natalie Portman said. If we were to combine the two lists, the best paid 20 actors in the world includes two Ryans, 2 Toms and only three women ( two of then are named Jennifer ). Emma Stone, who is the best paid Hollywood actress at the moment, earns just the 15th spot in the list.

Top 20 best paid actors in Hollywood:

20. Jeremy Renner: 19 million dollars
19. Matt Damon: 21 million dollars
18. Ryan Reynolds: 21.5 million dollars
17. Jennifer Lawrence: 24 million dollars
16. Jennifer Aniston: 25.5 million dollars
15. Emma Stone: 26 million dollars
14. Ryan Gosling: 29 million dollars
13. Samuel L. Jackson: 30.5 million dollars
12. Tom Hanks: 31 million dollars
11. Chris Hemsworth: 31.5 million dollars

10. Akshay Kumar: 35.5 million dollars
9. Salman Khan: 37 million dollars
8. Shah Rukh Khan: 38 million dollars
7. Tom Cruise: 43 million dollars
6. Robert Downey Jr.: 48 million dollars
5. Jackie Chan: 49 million dollars
4. Adam Sandler: 50.5 million dollars
3. Vin Diesel: 54.5 million dollars
2. Dwayne Johnson: 65 million dollars
1. Mark Wahlberg: 68 million dollars

Top 10 best paid actresses in Hollywood :

10. Amy Adams: 11.5 million dollars
8. Julia Roberts: 12 million dollars
8. Cate Blanchett: 12 million dollars
6. Charlize Theron: 14 million dollars
6. Emma Watson: 14 million dollars
5. Mila Kunis: 15.5 million dollars
4. Melissa McCarthy: 18 million dollars
3. Jennifer Lawrence: 24 million dollars
2. Jennifer Aniston: 25.5 million dollars
1. Emma Stone: 26 million dollars


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