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Some people have nothing better than to than sit around and finding reasons to file lawsuits, thus wasting the court’s time and money. Let’s take a look at the top 10 weirdest lawsuits in history.

One very, very special case is the lawsuit filed in 2004 by Timothy Dumouchel, Wisconsin, against a TV network because his wife gained a lot of weight sitting on the couch watching TV. Although the plaintiff had two layers, the case failed to be heard before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Another weird lawsuit is the case of a woman from Brazil who sued her partner in 2005 for failing to give her an orgasm. The 31 years old man said that her partner always finishes first and then stops providing her with “services”. It’s useless to say that the woman’s court efforts were stopped as the judge dismissed the case.

In 2005, Marina Bai sued NASA asking for $200 million in damages because, in her opinion, NASA is guilty of unbalancing the Universe. The woman claimed NASA”s Deep Impact probe is an act of terrorism against the Universe. The case was ultimately dismissed as the court was unable to subpoena the probe to testify.

In 2007, the court in India was asked to rule whether a battery equipped vibrating dildo is a contraceptive method or a sexual toy as India does not allow using such sex toys.

Back in 2006, a man from China was sued because he didn’t got approval from a “superior curt” before putting his soul up for auction online.

In May of 2004, Heather Specyalski of Connecticut was accused of killing her boyfriend, Neil Esposito. According to the prosecutors, the victim has been thrown out of a speeding car by the accused who lost control of the car and crashed. The young woman said she was not behind the wheel at the time as she was sitting on the passenger’s seat, providing oral sex to her partner. Actually, the victim was found outside with his pants down. What the prosecutors came up to explain this is shocking. Eventually, Heather was acquitted of all charges.

Another interesting lawsuit took place in 1874. Judge Francis Evans Cornish of Winnipeg, Canada had to put himself on trial because he got drunk and disturbed the peace. The judge was impartial, he found himself guilty and ordered himself to pay a $5 fine after which he canceled the payment of the fine because of the judge’s good behavior prior to the incident.

A father from China was not allowed to name his child “@”. The court provided a legal reason for the ruling, precisely that it is impossible to translate “@” into Mandarin.

One of the most harshest judges in the world is A.K.M. Patabendige from Sri Lanka. The judge sentenced a man to 1 year in prison back in 2004 because the man yawned in the courtroom.

Do you know other weird lawsuits ? If you do, please share them with us!


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