These controversial photos of the weirdest and most inexplicable appearances captured over time have generated a lot of question signs, and they still do today.

A top of the most mysterious and inexplicable photos in the world has been created by luxoeostentacao.com, photos that show things that are almost impossible to explain, in which ghosts, strange appearances or disappearances, sea monsters and UFOs are a reality captured by the photo camera.

The top starts with an old lady, who still remains unidentified, who was repeatedly photographed when U.S. President John F. Kennedy was killed in 1963. The FBI searched for the woman but the authorities were unable to find her.

Another mysterious and inexplicable phenomenon are the famous Norwegian sky lights as researchers still don’t know what’s causing them.

Another incredible photo is that of the 80 feet long sea monster. The creature has been photographed in Stonehaven, Ireland, on December 12, 1964. People say that the photos were faked however Photoshop was not even invited when the photos were taken.

The most terrifying photo is maybe the photo that shows Freddy Jackson two days after his funeral.

In the video below you can see the top 10 most mysterious and inexplicable photos in the world. What do you think ?


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