Many women have changed the course of history because of their intelligence, strength and passion.

Below you can read a few things about the 10 most influential women in history. What we have to notice is that Margaret Thatcher, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom between the years 1979 – 1990, only makes the 9th spot.

So, without further ado, let’s find out a bit about ten of the most influential women in history.

  1. Queen Elizabeth I ( 1533-1603 )

One of the most powerful queens of England, a woman who never married, being named ‘The Virgin Queen”. With the help of her intelligence, Elizabeth I managed to defeat the Spanish Armada and to rule England from 1558 until 1603. The last of the Tudor Dynasty, Elizabeth I encouraged cultural change such as renascence and managed to transform England into a protestant country.

2. Empress Wu Zetian ( 624 – 705 ) 

The only woman Empress of China who lived during the Tang dynasty. During her rule she extended the Chinese empire, implemented education reforms and helped grow the economy. She was also known as a protector of Buddhism. Many have also accused her of being cruel mostly because she killed her daughter and son because of political intrigues.

3. Catherine the Great ( 1729 – 1796 )

One of the most famous women in Europe, born in Poland, as a German Princess, managed to lead Russia thanks to a marriage 34 years long marriage. She continued the work of Peter I to modernize Russia. She also managed to win two wars against the Ottoman empire, expanding Russia on three continents. Catherine the Great also managed to establish legislative reforms and ended the Pugachev’s Rebellion.

4. Hatshepsut ( 1508 – 1458 B.C )

Hatshepsut, former Queen of ancient Egypt was considered one of the most successful leaders of the region. She created the construction plans for some major buildings and supported military campaigns in Nubia, Syria and Levant.

5. Maria Theresa of Austria ( 1717 – 1780 )

Empress of the  Habsburg empire, she ruled for 40 years and controlled a big region of Europe, including Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and some parts of Italy. She had 16 children who became Kings of the Roman Empire. Empress Maria Theresa is known for her reforms in education, and for starting the Brussels Science Academy.

6. Empress Dowager Cixi ( 1835 – 1908 )

The queen Empress and Regent, ruled China for 47 years fom 1861 until 1908. She implemented technology and military reforms an reviewed bureaucratic corruption.


7. Queen Victoria ( 1819 – 1901 )

Queen Victoria ruled over a huge British empire, on six continents, for 63 years, being the second longest rule in the history of the country. Her rule became known as the “Victorian era”. During her rule she abolish slavery in all British colonies. She also created reforms on working conditions and fought for political, cultural and military change.

8. Theodora ( 500 – 548 )

Empress of the Byzantine Empire. Married to Emperor Justinian I, she was the biggest confidant of the Emperor, using him to reach her personal goals. She controlled external affairs and fought for women’s rights, improving the process of divorce.

9. Margaret Thatcher ( 1925 – 2013 )

The former prime minister of the United Kingdom between 1979 – 1990, the first women to hold the position. Also known as “The Iron Lady” by the Soviets, she managed to get a victory against Argentina in 1982.

10. Indira Ghandi ( 1917 – 1984 )

The first and only woman to serve as India’s prime minister. She served for four terms between 1966 and 1984 when she was assassinated by her bodyguard. She was a powerful political figure but also very controversial. She won one of the wars against Pakistan that resulted in the creation of Bangladesh.

Have we left anyone out ? Who else do you think should be on this list ? Please share who, in your opinion, is the most influential woman of all time ?


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