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A walk in one of these cities can be a culinary journey around the world. For example, in New York alone, you can find ingredients and food from almost half the world.

Let’s take a look at the cities with the most culinary diversity in the world.

New York

It was only natural to find one of the biggest culinary diversity in New York City. There are no less than 94 international kitchens represented through specific restaurants. You can eat from food El Salvador, Trinidad & Tobago, Senegal, Peru, Belarus, Laos, Bangladesh and others.

New York


London automatically makes you think about fish and chips but once you arrive in London you will soon realize that you can travel around the world in the kitchen. No less than 89 international kitchens are represented in London but the best are those where the United Kingdom had colonies.

coventry garden london


In Toronto you can eat food from 73 different countries. Emigrants brought their home food with them and many of them opened restaurants that became very successful. You can eat anything from horse meat to bone marrow of different types of bones.

nathan phillips square


In 2017 Chicago was awarded the title of the city with the most restaurants and it was well deserved. in Chicago you can find food from 66 different countries. South America is fully represented, but also Poland, Italy, Honduras, China and others.

chicago beans


The French kitchen is probably the best in the world but this is no reason for other national kitchens to not be recognized. In Paris you can find food from 65 countries such as Benin, Alger, Togo, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Pakistan.

food in paris


For many generations emigrants from Mexico, Spain, Vietnam, Japan, India, China, Italy, the Middle East, Northern Africa and France live in Melbourne, Australia. They brought their food with us and they opened 64 restaurants.

central station melbourne


Sausages and beer are the perfect combination you expect to find when you arrive in Berlin but you will be very surprised to discover that you can eat food from 64 different countries.

berlin cathedral


Food in Dubai is a combination of food from Iran, Lebanon and other Arabic countries. Besides these you can also find food from 64 different countries, the Greek one being one of the most appreciated.


San Francisco

Food from 60 different countries is present in San Francisco and this seriously contributes to the culinary diversity of the city.

strees of san francisco

Los Angeles

60 traditional kitchens are to be found in Los Angeles restaurants and this makes sure you can enjoy a proper culinary journey around the world.

universal studio los angeles







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