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Even if at some point they were very famous, former celebrities can get a fresh start with a regular job or by starting their own business.

Let’s take a look at ten people who were once very famous and made decent money working in showbiz who are now working regular jobs.

Freddie Prinze jr.

Known for his roles in the “Scoody-Doo” franchise, ” I know what you did last summer” and “She’s all that”, Freddy is now a chef and launched a recipes book in 2016 called “Back to the kitchen”.

Amanda Bynes

After starring in multiple movies and TV shows such as “She’s the Man”, “What I like about you”, “Easy A”, or “Hairspray”, the actress struggled with drug addiction and decided to quit acting and become a clothing designer. And she managed to do that after she graduated from the “Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising”.

Jack Gleeson

Jack became famous by playing Joffrey in the “Game of Thrones” TV series and he decided to quit his career because everywhere he went he was being recognized as the famous evil character. Jack made his debut at the age of 8 and he says it’s time for a change in his life so he started to study philosophy and theology at the “Trinity College” in Dublin and said he quit acting for good.

Kevin Jonas

Although Nick and Joe remained in the spotlight, Kevin decided to quit this life and he is now an entrepreneur. He launched the Yoop app which helps you find the best restaurants in your area.

Nikki Blonsky

Although she had the leading role in “Hairspray”, Nikki Blonsky was unable to get more roles so she started to work as a shoes saleswoman and then as a hairstylist in a saloon. However she hasn’t stopped going to auditions and last year she managed to get a new role. She hasn’t quit acting for good but we decided to add her on this list because it’s quite interesting to go from a leading role to selling shoes.

Frankie Muniz

After being cast in multiples roles when he has a kid and teenager such as “Agent Cody Banks” or “Malcolm in the Middle”, Frankie now races cars as his main job and he only accepts a role every now and then.

Yanic Truesdale

After the famous role as “Michelle” in “Gilmore Girls”, the actor opened a spinning studio in Montreal and every now and then we can see him in French TV series.

Lauren Conrad

After Laguna Beach and The Hills, Lauren quit acting and became a published author. She released ” L.A. Candy”, “Sweet Little Lies”, and “Sugar and Spice”. Moreover, she also owns a few clothes and cosmetic lines.

Vanilla Ice

After his music career flunked, the star released a real estate websites teaching people how to invest in homes.

Liam Gallagher

Liam always hated his brother Noel so he dropped out of Oasis in 2009 and started a career in fashion. He owns a fashion house in London called Pretty Green.

So what do you think of the jobs these celebrities now have ? Did they made the right decision quitting their famous careers ?


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