The tomb of Jesus risks collapsing, being located on an unstable foundation, considering that there is a chain of tunnels and ditches beneath it.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, an altar rumored to contain the cave where Jesus was buried in, was recently transformed thanks to a $4 million project. Despite investing a large sum of money, researchers say that Jesus’s tomb risks collapsing. They made the conclusion after analyzing the area using radars and robotic cameras, and they discovered that the foundation of the  Church is placed on an unstable structure.

Unfortunately, according to specialists, the tomb won’t collapse slowly as it will collapse quickly and catastrophically. Parts of the monument are on a lawyer of declined rock that was – in the past  – the location of an ancient quarry, and the mortar foundation of the tomb shattered after decades of exposure.

A canal of 2.4 meters dug in 1960 south of the Altar is right beneath the floor visitors stepped on to visit Jesus’s Tomb. And the dangers visitors are exposed to on a daily basis confirm the need to seriously consolidate the foundation of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

According to specialists, a $6.5 million investment is needed for this job. The plan is to remove unstable rocks and to dig under the monument to install new watercourses.

The Tomb of Jesus needs work done, and fast, after it was exposed to environmental factors such as water and humidity for years. The restoration project that was recently completed removed unaesthetic constructions and cleaned the walls from fungus, but more work needs to be done if the monument is to be saved.


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