The cast of Tom Hardy in the Spider-Man spin-off Venom was a major attraction for superhero movies fans. The famous actor, who’s at the peak of hsi career, embraced the opportunity to play the antagonist of the movie, and his efforts already brought him praises.

The producer of the movie, Matthew Tolmach, told MTV that he was blown away of the way Tom Hardy got into character and his approach. Tolmach said that watching Tom Hardy work is like attending an acting class.

“To see Tom Hardy on the set every day is like attending a masterclass. He likes taking risks and he is clearly drawn by the character” the producer said.

“Ever since I met him for the first time, me and my partner, saw that Tom is a confident person and he brought the performance to a whole new level” Matthew Tolmach also added.

Initially created as a nemesis for Spider-man, Venom became an antihero with his very own popularity. The Venom movie is inspired by two very popular comic books series: Lethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiotes.

Riz Ahmed was also confirmed as part of the Venom cast playing doctor Carlton Drake, the president of the organization on the trail of Venom, an organization that becomes the creator of other monsters such as Agony, Lasher, Riot, Phage and Scream.

The Venom movie will be premiered on October 5, 2018.


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