Actor Tom Arnold, 59 years old, is divorcing his wife, Ashley Groussman. The couple are the parents of a 5 years old boy and a 3 years old girl.

The reason why Tom Arnold and his wife are getting divorced has not been made public. The actor only said that he wants Ashley, the woman who stood by his side for the last 10 years, to not feel guilty for what happened.

“There isn’t a reason, there isn’t someone guilty or bad” Tom Arnold said. He also said that in the last three years there was a weird feeling at home so he urged his wife to leave if that’s what she feels. And she did.

Actor Tom Arnold was previously married to Roseanne Barr ( 1990 – 1994 ), Julie Armstrong ( 1995 – 1999 ) and Shelby Ross ( 2002 – 2008 ). Tom Arnold and Ashley got married in 2009.

Tom Arnold rose to fame after starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “True Lies”. He also starred in Nine Months, The Stupids, McHale’s Navy, Animal Factory, Cradle 2 the Grave, Mr 3000, Happy Endings, The Great Buck Howard.


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