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Tina Turner decided to forgive her ex husband, Ike Turner. Tina Turner wants to forget all the drama from the past and she decided to forgive Ike Turner after she was abused by him for years.

“I forgive him. He asked me to do one more tour ( before he died ) but I refused. Ike was not someone you forget about and then let him come back into your life. But everything is in the past” Tina Turner, who is 78 years old, said.

Tina Turner also says that she still thinks about Ike from time to time. Ike Turner passed away in 2007.

“I don’t know what my dreams are about. There are some where he is still there but he’s not violent or upset. I wonder if I still care about him” Tina Turner also says.

Problems between Tina Turner and Ike Turner started in 1976 after Tina appeared in a Dallas Ramada Inn show wearing a blood stained suit, because she was assaulted by Ike. Two years ago the couple separated.

After the breakup Tina enjoyed huge success with hits such as “Private Dancer” and “Better Be Good To Me”. Five years ago Tina married Erwin Bach, 57 years old, whom she has been together with ever since 1986.



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